010: The Magic of Monotasking

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010: The Magic of Monotasking

Today we’re talking all about monotasking. Practicing monotasking puts the focus on one task at a time. When you shift your mindset from being efficient to being effective, you will truly begin to feel more productive. You’ll learn some real ways you can implement monotasking in your daily life and start being more productive with your time.

Show Notes

What’s In This Episode:

  • Why we should focus on being effective, not efficient.
  • How working on one task at a time is actually faster than multitasking.
  • Why monotasking will help build solid relationships with others.
  • How monotasking is a practice of mindfulness and can contribute to daily happiness.
  • Learn the 5 Keys to Monotasking.

What To Do Next:

  • Follow the 5 Keys to Monotasking below in the Resources and Links section.
  • Try monotasking in little ways like not having your phone out at meals.
  • When you get the urge to switch tasks take a deep breath instead and refocus on the task at hand.

Resources and Links

  • Listen to Episode 9 to learn more about multitasking
  • 5 Keys to Monotasking Tips
    • Turn off or turn down technology: try not to be a slave to your inbox, set a timer for checking email, have only one program open, have a limit on internet tabs, change or turn off notifications.
    • Set up a prioritized to-do list and schedule time to tackle it: use the priority system in episode 6, this helps you focus in and get rid of overwhelming tasks, power hour, batched tasks.
    • Stop the physical distractions: people pushing their own agenda on you (priority 3), train co-workers to use your literal inbox on your desk for notes, use apps like slack, trello, asana or voxer. Make your do-not-disturb mode clear.
    • Organize your workspace: clear items that are distracting so you can find things faster, keep a notepad at hand.
    • Control your own distractions: block the distracting websites, don’t accept every meeting invite.
  • Remember, when you feel the urge to multitask, take a deep breath and refocus to get back to the task at hand


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Find out how you can increase your productivity at work or at home through monotasking. Using this simple system, you'll get more work done with less stress.

Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton